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As a dedicated professional Nurse Practitioner and the owner of SkinEnvy LLC, established 2001.

Specializing in anti-aging, skincare, lasers, Botox, fillers, non-surgical fat reduction, electronic muscle toning and so much more. Highly experienced in, and can speak to, the many aesthetic choices, the tried and true, the latest and greatest. My team and I continuously study and often discover new answers to old problems. I welcome you.

My story

Cindy Catlin


Yep, the year Star Wars came out and well before I was even 21years old I began working in  hospitals. I had a keen interest in all things scientific particularly the environment, the human body and mind.  I worked in my first ER in 1975  I began to manage ER admissions, first responder dispatches and front line contact with patients on the night shift. After moving to Washington State I resumed hospital work in the ER, moving from Unit coordinator to first responder, to in-house EMT. During that time I also took my first job in medical aesthetics.


While going to nursing school I stayed in the ER but also worked part time with a wonderful Dermatologist on Bellevue’s Eastside who taught me the latest technology in laser skin rejuvenation, tattoo removal and hair removal. She precepted me in  advanced botox and filler skills,  derm assessment and treatment of all kinds. While working with her I obtained my RN license and followed her to an aesthetic surgical center where we worked in an entirely different field of aesthetic surgery. By this time I had already opened SkinEnvy so that more could be done with lasers. She left for California and I hired medical administrators to cover SkinEnvy for the next several years. This, however was a slippery slope as anyone can tell you who has owned a business that is 100% reliant on others. Someday we’ll talk about that.


In 2008 Laws in Washington State changed requiring clinics to have a medical provider on staff and present at all times that lasers are being used. I found it more and more difficult to keep a doctor on staff so closed SkinEnvy and I went back to school.  My expertise as a bachelors trained RN plus a dozen years experience working with lasers and medical aesthetics while working in the cardiac cath lab and emergency department of a local hospital well prepared me for a successful return to school to obtain a masters degree and become fully licensed nurse practitioner in Washington State. Without that rounded experience, I could not have earned a masters degree in adult medicine.


SkinEnvy continued to grow. Years of artwork and learning from my mother, particularly in portraits and porcelain made it easier to mentally see facial structures and potential. Medical study taught me to understand the changing face through time. Working with fillers, botox and laser gave me the tools to rejuvenate the face in ways that hadn’t been available in the past. I added weight loss managment to anti-aging and health promotion services recognizing that good health had a lot to do with our diet.  I obtained training as a weight loss and nutritional counselor through the Ideal Protein product education system and began to work  with weight management behaviours, including the effect of depression, stress, seasonal affective disorder, post lap band and gastric bypass challenges as well as outward signs of weight fluctuation that could be improved, including cellulite, skin laxity and stretchmarks. I attribute alot of what I know about weight loss from IP, and much more about the other issues through training as a nurse and ongoing personal study.


Having accomplished all these things it was a sheer joy to finally re-open SkinEnvy in Redmond. SkinEnvy is a quiet, boutique style clinic in the country, where one client at a time is cared for personally by my direct guidance and usually by my own hand. I know every client personally and feel confident that I can offer them the best array of choices to match their goals. I hope to acheive a balance of finance, timing, downtime, tolerance and desired outcome for every friend and client.  When I’m not at SkinEnvy I might be found at the Bel-Red Center for Aesthetic Surgery.  My clients benefit from the fact that I have a strong understanding of surgical options. I may also be found out and about instructing, demonstrating and meeting new friends wherever they are. First and foremost I am a medical provider. I am currently studying the complicated health concerns of food and environmental sensitivites, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, hormonal imbalance, health maintenance and immunity. I’m an avid gardener and environmentalist. I believe in food as medicine and whole food, locally sourced.  I hope to always encourage my clients to stay healthy through good habits.  AND,  I hope you will come and see me.