What People Say!

Cindy’s an amazing practitioner — I trust her knowledge and have faith that she’ll steer my treatments in the best direction for me

Claire, 27

Monroe, wa

Simple spa facials were not enough for me. Five years ago I found Cindy. Cindy is a compassionate and knowledgeable professional who anticipates my needs. 

Cindy uses a combination of skin procedures based on my changing skin conditions due to aging and my underlying medical issues. 

I am confident of Cindy’s technical skills because of her vast knowledge and experience of medicine. 

Linda, 72

Bellevue, wa

I’ve been going to SkinEnvy for 5 years. Cindy has such extensive knowledge of skin care and uses state of the art machines and aesthetician applications that have improved the quality of my skin, and has halted the deep lines I was developing in my 11’s and other areas.

Cindy is the best aesthetician I’ve ever gone to, and she really knows how to tailor treatments for different skin types and ages. I feel like I look younger and I’m so glad to be a client of SkinEnvy.

I would recommend SkinEnvy highly.

Kari, 64

Auburn, WA

I Have been going to Cindy for over 10 years. there is absolutely no one more knowledgeable about or skilled in skin care than Cindy anywhere in the state.
I recently went to see my Dr. & the nurse said” you’re 74 , is that correct? ” I said yes, she looked at me in shock and said :” I thought you were 60! That says it all.
-Penny ,74

Let me use this moment to say I Love the effect that you and the Potenza have on my skin. It continues to get better every time I have done it.

Nina, 66

Cindy Catlin is a professional and expert in cosmetic Dermatology. she is friendly and caring. I trust her implicitely.

Penny, 71

So happy I found you. Love my results. “

“Love My progress, thanks so Much!”

“Fabulous as usual!! Thanks’ for keeping me gorgeous!”

“Everything! Love!!”

Janice, 60

Cindy Is great. I love that she seems just as excited as myself to see results.


This is the Holy Grail of Skin Health! I love coming here Every time, I know I’m in good Hands!


Cindy , you are an Artist. My face looks so much more symmetrical with the way you did the filler. 


E.N. , 50

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Professional , Honest , I completely Trust her and her advice. So pleased that i cant stop Smiling. 

Kathleen, 77

I am in complete shock at what my Back Looks Like!! I’ve been so hesitant to do anything to my back because I’m so tired of being let down. I’ve spent so much money already years past in it tried laser, all products, red light therapy everything you can think of and nothing has ever helped. I cannot believe how clear it looks!!! It’s super red but I can see underneath and I’m literally crying because I  cannot believe that it actually is going to be fixed this time. Thank you so much!! I  honestly believed that my back was gonna be like that the rest of my life. I’m so grateful to you and David!! 

Rachel, 39

Cindy and the team at SkinEnvy are incredible at skin care solutions. I love their customized approach and the quality of service is the best. Thank you Cindy and team!


Deborah, 38