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Our Doctor

Meet Our Team

A dedicated professional Nurse Practitioner and the owner of SkinEnvy LLC, est.2001. Specializing in anti-aging, skincare, lasers, Botox, fillers, medical weight loss management, Non-surgical fat removal, electronic muscle toning and so much more. Highly experience in, and can speak to, the many aesthetic choices, the tried and true, the latest and greatest. My team and I continuously study and often discover new answers to old problems. I welcome you.

{From Left to Right}

Claire, our Medical Scribe and Receptionist Welcomes our guests and makes sure we are all on time. She is the go-to for answering any questions you may have.
Cindy ARNP, Owner & Operator, Medical Director, Medical Aesthetics Expert
Jeanna, our clinic assistant, ensures we run smoothly.
David,  is a Licensed Master Aesthetician, he assists our director with clinic procedures, performs skin prep, laser procedures, peels, facials and many other aesthetic services under direction.