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We are dedicated about improving the look and feel of your skin and body using the most recent procedures to enhance your self-confidence and physique.

Laser Hair Removal

A considerable amount of time and money is spent every year on the various methods of hair removal just to have it return again and again. Laser hair removal is by far the best alternative if you are looking for permanent hair reduction. All lasers are not the same, if you have experienced overly painful laser treatment or treatment that didn’t work then you deserve an opportunity to experience how it should be done.

Many questions are asked, how long will it take, how many treatments, how much will it cost, how much will it hurt? Every client is different. The process can and should be changed to match your particular growth patterns, laser experience, skin type, tolerance and finances. We do not sell packages. You are not locked into a purchase, you can try it and see just how great hair reduction by laser can be. Schedule a consult, give it a try, then, you decide. You will love it and you will be back, because it works

Laser Skin

Sun, genetics and aging are the big culprits to less than perfect skin and advanced aging, but thankfully, there are so many things that can be done. Probably the greatest innovation to improving the skin is laser. At SkinEnvy we have choices in lasers that allows for custom designed skincare.

Genesis Laser – 1064 laser that can be used on any skin type and color. The target ultimately is collagen but along the way this laser improves texture while evening out skin color. It’s known as the ‘magic eraser’, absolutely fabulous and zero downtime.

IPL – standard in skin rejuvenation for brown spots, tightening, facial hair removal.

Candela – rejuvenation of the neck and chest as well as arms and legs. Perfect for the sun lovers in youth. Winter is ideal for rejuvenating these areas.

Exel V laser – hair removal for darker skin types, facial veins, leg veins. A hard working laser that actually works.

Aesthetic Derm

Many skin problems are not covered by insurance because they’re not considered essential to health, falling into the realm of cosmetic procedures.

If you’re troubled by brown spots, facial redness, facial hair, lines, wrinkles, skin laxity, loss of facial volume, asymmetry, visible veins, skin tags, warts, acne, and more, bring your wishlist at your consultation. An array of choices is available at an array of prices, down time and efficacy. Take care of your looks and you’ll feel better about everything else you need to do.


These products are known as neuromuscular modulators. They are used to reverse or prevent the wrinkles of the face caused by repetitive movement from becoming permanent etched lines on the face. Their permanency can create unwanted facial messages that indicate fatigue, concern and even anger, when the emotion is not actually there! These products  soften the movement that reinforces those lines and allows the muscles to relax, soften and even shrink over time. This can be the best thing you can do for your face!

At SkinEnvy, I believe in the conservative approach for injections. If you have never used these products before I will use what I believe is the minimum quantity for your needs and then ask you to return in two weeks for an assessment and touch as needed. This way I can give you the smallest amount to do the job and then only give you as much more as will give you the best benefit.

Dermal Fillers

Facial rejuvenation using a combination of BOTOX®, Xeomin and fillers can effectively reverse the signs of aging and return a natural, refreshed and more youthful appearance to your face, neck and hands.

Fillers add volume back to the face in areas that show aging. Natural aging involves muscle, bone and facial fat. The evidence of loss is increased lines and skin laxity and facial sagging.  Using natural products, your body can then build on the product and return your face shape to an earlier day. It is truly an amazing option for a more natural look.

Filler can be used to enhance thinning lips. Reduce shallow contours, of the face, disguise vessels and tendons on the back of your hands, and reduce the appearance of scars, even decades old acne scars.

There are many type of dermal fillers. I will work with you to choose the best one for your particular needs. 


Weight loss counseling and support is a private and ongoing service because weight management is a lifelong effort for so many people. There are real answers and choices from lifestyle changes with and without food supplements and medications. You don’t have to feel like you’re doing it all alone. .

Support treatments include fat reduction with Trusculpt ID, to really get rid of those fatty areas that seem to hang on no matter what you do. We also do muscle toning with Trusculpt Flex. Get to where you want to be faster, then maintain either on your own, with Flex or a combination. Not everyone has the time they want for working out. Let Flex help you build and tone the muscle, get your aerobics with dance, sports, and workouts and discover that you’re so much more fit that you thought you could be.

And, it has to be said, muscle loss is a part of aging, of changing hormones, inactive lifestyles, injury. Muscle loss leads to loss of function and weight gain. Don’t let that happen.


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